Gears of War 3’s Horde 2.0 mode highlighted in new gameplay video


There’s a not-small contingent of people who believe that Horde mode was the best part of Gears of War 2, who are still in fact playing it right now as you read this. Those people are positively elated about the news of Horde 2.0, which adds a whole new tactical element to the game in Gears of War 3. Those features are highlighted in a new video, narrated by the character Anya Stroud, which you can check out below.

In Gears 2, players quickly adopted strategies for setting up fortifications in Horde, which always involved grabbing conveniently dropped enemy shields and planting them in the ground to keep the Locust forces out of enclosed locations. In Gears 3 you’ll actually be able to purchase defensive emplacements using money earned from kicking tail on the battlefield.

There are five categories you can buy from in all, barriers, explosive decoys, auto-firing sentry weapons, turrets and the game’s new mech vehicle, the Silverback. These defenses can be upgraded as you progress too, which ought to make surviving to round 50 a little more colorful. It probably won’t be easier though, since the tenth round of every Horde map will feature a boss battle with one of the game’s larger enemy types. The video above gives a good taste, and will hopefully make the wait until September 20 pass by a little quicker.