Get a crate o’ digital goodies when you pre-order God of War III Remastered

get a crate o digital goodies when you pre order god of war iii remastered godofwar3preorderheader

Excited to battle monsters as a badass warrior with giant scars? Well, if you haven’t already picked up The Witcher 3, you’ll still have a chance to do so when God of War III Remastered launches on July 14. Pre-orders are now available, and to make the decision easier (or harder, if you weren’t on the fence before), Sony is offering a few special bonuses to digital buyers.

Starting on May 26, anyone with a digital pre-order of God of War III Remastered will receive 90-day rentals of both God of War and its sequel for the PlayStation Now. While the upcoming remaster is exclusive to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Now lets you stream its library of games to a number of Sony devices, including PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV. It’s worth noting that while the official game list for PlayStation Now includes God of War HD, the listing for God of War II suggests that it is the original PlayStation 2 version.

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At launch, both physical and digital buyers will also receive the “God of War — Fall of Olympus” PlayStation 4 theme, although it will be available on May 26 to digital buyers in North America. Like last year’s The Last of Us: Remastered, the game will also include a photo mode to “freeze the brutal action mid-swing,” a nice alternative to the less sophisticated PlayStation 4 screenshot feature.

It now looks like this won’t be the only “G of War” remaster released this year, either. We reported on a Gears of War remaster last month, which is rumored to be in development by Brink developer Splash Damage and will feature re-done cinematics much in the vein of Halo 2 Anniversary. Much as with God of War III, it doesn’t appear to be a full remaster of the entire Gears of War series to date, but rather of the original 2006 game. With the former, this is especially disappointing, as Sony missed the opportunity to call it the “Kratos Kollection.”