‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Achievements speak of spaceships and bail bondsmen

grand theft auto v achievements speak of spaceships and bail bondsmen street

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t out until September 17, 2013, but you can busy yourself with poring over the game’s list of Xbox 360 Achievements until then, assuming, of course, that you’re willing to read them really slowly. The thankfully spoiler-free Cheevo listing is mostly focused on the single-player story portion of the game, though there are 17 specifically connected to GTA Online, which launches in October.

There are a few intriguing nuggets of information to be teased out of the Xbox360Achievements.org listing, and vague details of in-game content that Rockstar hadn’t yet discussed. “From Beyond the Stars” awards players 15 GS for collecting and returning “all spaceship parts.” Another 10 GS is yours when you successfully deliver a living bail bond target for “Wanted: Alive or Alive,” suggesting that one of the diversion activities in GTA5 encourages you to embrace your inner Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Other Achievements confirm the return of stunt jumps and rampages, as well as some of the presumably money-earning properties that you can own. Then there’s the stranger stuff, such as the “Out of Your Depth” Achievement, which is accompanied by the text “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” (a Jaws quote) and a little thumbnail of a shark; or the “Kifflom!” Achievement, which awards you a whopping 30GS once you “complete your path to enlightenment.”