GTA Online Capture Creator mode is coming this week

gta online capture creator mode coming week

Rockstar Games is set to release the Capture Creator for GTA Online this Friday, April 11. Capture is the game’s unique take on Capture the Flag, with two teams of players competing to bring some kind of target – could be bags of cash, could be city buses – back to their respective bases. With Capture Creator, you’ll be able to build out matches of your own, tweaking everything from base location to pickups to targets. To celebrate the forthcoming release, Rockstar is offering double cash and Reputation Points (GTA Online‘s XP) on all Capture matches for a limited time.

Paving the way for the Capture Creator release is a new title update. In addition to an assortment of fixes, the update also adds an RP reward for every time you Like/Dislike a completed Job, a new Lester ability that you can call in to keep cops from paying attention to you for a short period of time, and boosted payouts for a variety of GTA Online activities. The title update is an automatic add-on; simply fire up your game, and you should be prompted to download it.

This is the first of three planned major enhancements to GTA Online for spring 2014. Rockstar also recently confirmed that the game will receive some free DLC in the form of the High Life update as well as the addition of cooperative Heists. There’s no date set yet for either of the other two add-ons, but we should see them both before summer officially starts on June 21.