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GTA Online’s latest Rockstar Verified Jobs are the first from Capture Creator

gta onlines latest rockstar verified jobs first capture creator v online

Rockstar Games’ recently released Capture Creator for GTA Online was the focus of a weekend community event that encouraged players to come up with their own matches, and fans rose to the challenge. The latest crop of Rockstar Verified Jobs is smaller than usual, but the selections are all culled from creations built using the new tools.

There are four new Verified Jobs in all; two are built for Capture’s “GTA” mode, which tasks competing teams with stealing targeted vehicles and bringing them back to base, and two are built for Capture’s “Contend” mode, in which competing teams fight to steal specific targets — such as bags of cash — and then ferry them back to a home base.

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The four featured Jobs all demonstrate what kind of flexibility players have with Capture Creator. One sees two teams of jet-flying pilots vying to capture a moving Rhino tank. Another sees teams racing to the top of Mount Chiliad to grab targeted packages, which must be brought down the mountain by any means necessary; parachutes are waiting at the top, but helicopters are a viable option as well.

Once a GTA Online Job is Verified, it is accessible via the Rockstar Social Club on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The four chosen creators each received $1 million of in-game cash and a custom “CAPTURE” license plate, as well as promised future participation in a Rockstar-hosted livestream that tours through each creation.

Find more details about these new Verified Jobs on the Rockstar Games Newswire. You can also get some help building Capture modes of your own using our handy Capture Creator guide.

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