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Halo Infinite tweak fixes slow battle pass progression — again

After implementing some smaller changes to Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer progression and the way the game doles out XP, developer 343 Industries has another, larger change ready to go. According to the developer’s community manager, John Junyszek, players will start earning more XP for their repeating daily challenge that simply have players complete matches.

1st Game = 300XP
2nd Game = 200XP
3rd Game = 200XP
4th Game = 100XP
5th Game = 100XP
6th Game = 100XP
7th+ Game = 50XP

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We believe this increase will help address those slower initial payouts while also benefiting those of you jumping on each and every day.

— John Junyszek (@Unyshek) November 30, 2021

Instead of paying out 50 XP for every match finished, players will now earn a huge amount of XP that decreases as they play more games, stopping at 50 XP. The first match players finish each day will reward them with a whopping 300 XP, while the second and third will dole out 200 XP each. Games four through six will give players 100 XP each, but every match after that will only hand out 50 XP.

Developer 343 Industries believes the change “will help address those slower initial payouts while also benefiting those of you jumping on each and every day” — and it’s certainly a good start. Levels in Halo Infinite‘s battle pass are 1,000 XP each, and while players previously had to grind through matches and their weekly challenges to earn one level, this new system gives out enough XP to level up over six games, guaranteed. It’s not clear when these daily challenge XP changes will be implemented or if they’re currently present in the game.

While this change will give Halo Infinite‘s progression one of many kicks in the pants that it needs, it may not be enough for some players. The game’s challenge-based XP system has received a fair bit of criticism, with some players stating that they want the game to shift back to the performance-based XP system of previous Halo titles.

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