Here’s your very first in-game look at Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands launches very soon, and here's your first peek at gameplay

Tales from the Borderlands is finally close enough to launching that Telltale Games has a proper gameplay trailer to share. And hey, guess what? It looks like Borderlands!

Gearbox Software’s trademark art style is fully evident in Telltale’s episodic, narrative-driven take. We still don’t know exactly when the first episode is launching — keep an eye on the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages for up-to-the-minute information — but it’s really close. Perhaps even before-the-end-of-November-2014 close.

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Tales from the Borderlands follows two characters: Rhys, a Hyperion sub-executive with dreams (delusions?) of grandeur, and Fiona, a con artist from the lovely planet of Pandora. The two end up working together due to circumstances beyond their control, and the story charts each character’s perspective on what’s happened in a series of flashbacks spread over multiple episodes.

The first episode, titled “Zer0 Sum,” includes a familiar face from Borderlands 2, as you probably gathered from the episode’s title (and can see in the above trailer).

Stay tuned for more details as they surface. Tales from the Borderlands arrives soon on virtually every gaming platform imaginable: iOS, Mac, PlayStation, Windows, Xbox, and more to be announced at a later date (you can probably fill in the blanks on your own).