Homeworld rights acquired by Gearbox Software, re-releases headed to ‘leading digital platforms’

Homeworld acquired by Gearbox

Homeworld returns, and it’s now in the hands of Gearbox Software. The Borderlands developer nabbed the rights to the long-dormant franchise during the second of two THQ assets auctions, held earlier this month. Gearbox chief creative officer Brian Martel is confirmed to be taking point on reviving Homeworld, a press release confirms, with the plan for now aimed at bringing both the original game and Homeworld 2 to “today’s leading digital platforms.”

For those who need a refresher: Homeworld and Homeworld 2 are space-based real-time strategy games developed by Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes) and published by Sierra Entertainment in 1999 and 2003 respectively. The series stalled in 2004 when THQ purchased Relic but not the Homeworld IP, though hope was rekindled several years later when Sierra sold THQ the rights in 2007.

The possible development and release of a Homeworld 3 under the THQ banner was discussed, but the sequel never materialized. When the publisher folded earlier this year, the IP fell in among other “legacy” assets that were to be sold off in this month’s follow-up auction. There’s no word from Gearbox on what the high bid closed at for Homeworld, but the total take for all of the lots on offer at this second auction fell at roughly $7 million. Relic was sold off in the earlier auction, to Sega for $26.2 million.

You can find the official announcement up on Gearbox Software’s website, along with a link to the newly created Homeworld section of the studio’s forums. We’ve been informed that the statement is all Gearbox has to say on the new acquisition for now, but with E3 and all of the other summer shows approaching quickly, we’ll hopefully be hearing more soon.