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Live-action FMV games featured in latest Humble Weekly Bundle

humble weekly bundle pays tribute to fmv games fmvbundle header
The latest Humble Weekly Bundle offers a pay-what-you-want collection of PC games that feature full motion video (FMV), recalling an era in which live-action footage played a major role in the games industry.

Bundle buyers receive a selection of classic PC adventure games, along with a pair of recent genre standouts available exclusively for customers who meet a minimum purchase price.

By paying $1 or more, Humble Weekly Bundle buyers receive digital copies of Trilobyte Games’ The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour redeemable via Steam. Both games were ported to multiple platforms following their initial debut in the early ’90s, accompanying other early multimedia efforts like Myst and The Manhole.

Customers additionally get the Tex Murphy Complete Pack on Steam, which includes digital copies of the Windows PC games Martian Memorandum, Mean Streets, Overseer, The Pandora Directive, and Under a Killing Moon. The recently produced sixth entry in the Tex Murphy series, Tesla Effect, is also included as part of the bundle, following up on its successful crowdfunding campaign and release in 2014.

All bundle buyers receive the first episode of Zandel Media’s MISSING: An Interactive Thriller, a new mystery series that makes its debut as part of the Humble Weekly Bundle.

Bundle purchases of $5 or more unlock two additional games. First up is Roundabout, a unique action-puzzler in which players control a constantly-spinning limousine. Inspired by Nintendo’s Kuru Kuru Kururin series, Roundabout features a live-action video narrative that introduces players to a bizarre cast of misfit limo passengers throughout.

The bundle’s final game is Her Story, a live-action mystery that challenges players to piece together the circumstances surrounding the starring character’s arrest. Gameplay involves searching a database for specific terms that players learn from watching a series of video clips that are played out of sequence.

Humble Bundle has also issued a challenge to its userbase with previously unseen sample footage from Roundabout. Entrants are encouraged to create an FMV cut-scene using the green-screened footage provided.

The Humble Weekly Bundle: Full Motion Video is available through January 21.

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