IGN launches Dominate check-in app with a gaming twist

ign-dominateIGN will soon move forward with its plans to dominate the video gaming media space following its acquisition of UGO and branching off from parent company News Corp., but before any of that happens it will Dominate with a new check-in app. Just released on the App Store for iOS, IGN Dominate is a new check-in app a la Foursquare that is focused squarely on the virtual worlds of video games.

Just like Foursquare, users fire up the app and mark off when they’re in one place or another. The difference with IGN Dominate is that you’re checking into whatever video game you happen to be playing rather than any physical location.

The app covers all games on all platforms, console/PC, handheld and mobile. In addition to the check-in feature, all of the usual social elements are either in place or coming soon. Users can already check up on what their friends are playing and post status updates. The top player of one game or another earns the title of “Dominator.”

IGN’s Anand Iyer, director of product management, says that while the app is currently iOS-only, it was built from the start to be multi-platform friendly, TechCrunch reports. He doesn’t mention any other release plans, but an Android version seems pretty inevitable, especially with the gaming capabilities offered by the NVIDIA Tegra framework.

While the app is pretty basic in what it can do at the moment, Iyer notes a few features that should be incoming shortly. Look for push notifications notifying you when people you follow are playing a game, play data sharing integration with social networks (i.e. Facebook and Twitter), rewards, and game tips and recommendations.

What say you, readers? Gaming check-in, is this something your interested in?