‘Incognita’ is like Xcom for James Bond wannabes, and $17 buys you in early

incognita offers tactical espionage in an early access release

Klei Entertainment kicked off pre-orders this week for Incognita, a turn-based game of “tactical espionage” in which players guide a team of professional sneaks through a series of hush-hush jobs. Basically: if the idea of playing an XCOM: Enemy Unknown-style game in which you issue orders to a team of James Bond wannabes, this one’s for you.

A $16.99 pre-order doesn’t just guarantee you the game – two copies of the game, in fact (one for a friend) – it also includes access to the Incognita alpha right away, along with access to additional builds as the game moves from alpha to beta to final release. For $19.99 you get all of that, plus a copy of the soundtrack at launch.

As pre-orders go, this is a relatively safe one. Klei earned a lot of gamer goodwill when N+ came to Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. The studio continued to impress with the two side-scrolling beat ’em ups Shank and Shank 2, and then scored big in 2012 with the side-scrolling stealth game, Mark of the Ninja. The studio is also behind the wonderful PC title Don’t Starve, an action game in which players must establish a foothold in a hostile world and then explore from there. 

A full release of Incognita will happen sometime in 2014, but you can get in on it now with an early access pre-order.