Infinium Labs Lawyers Sell Stock

“A lot of lawyers from that firm are walking away with not only lawyers fees from all the work they did for Infinium Labs (unless on retainer), but a hefty bit of pocket change. Most cashed in their stock on the 11th for almost $100,000. Mr. Chapnick gets the lion’s share with almost $750,000 dollars. Hey, we all pretty much laughed at the ridiculous nature of the letter at the time. Who’s laughing now all the way to the bank?”

Although Kyle Bennett and HardOCP won their court battle against the mysterious game console manufacturer, we have yet to hear about any settlement terms with the hardware site. Meanwhile, the attorney’s over at ICARD MERRILL CULLIS TIMM FUREN & GINSBURG are walking away with some pretty hefty money – as much as $750K dollars. Hopefully the folks at HardOCP do not wind up getting short changed as a result.

Infinium Labs gaming console was recently listed on Wired Magazines vaporware list. A clear indicator that the magazine does not think a tangible product will ever make it to market.

Source: WhereisPhantom