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Eat while you game with KFC’s newest Gamer’s Box Bluetooth controller

Gamers Box 2.0
KFC has debuted the second generation of its “Gamer’s Box,” and along with containing a batch of its fried chicken, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth controller and smartphone mount. It won’t be available at its fast-food outlets, however — KFC is giving away the boxes on its Facebook page, offering friend taggers the chance to win one.

Aimed at the KFC India market, the Gamer’s Box is a partnership with Mountain Dew, so winners will net themselves some chicken and a can of soda. The can comes mounted in the phone holder, and removing it is what gives users access to the “games consoles,” as KFC describes it.

The gamepad comes in two halves, a little like the Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s far more like a traditional controller, with a pair of joysticks, a D-Pad, shoulder buttons, and four face buttons. As a Bluetooth controller, it connects wirelessly to smartphones, with an early unboxing claiming that it works with both iOS and Android.

Nestled between each half of the controller is the main box itself, with the phone mount sitting atop it. Inside is a secondary box that contains the user’s meal — the unboxing claims that it’s a chicken Zinger meal — so there shouldn’t be much in the way of grease or food detritus in or on the exterior of the Gamer’s Box or the gamepad halves.

It’s certainly a very different kind of promotion, but as The Verge notes, it’s a limited one. While it seems likely to be restricted to the Indian market, that’s not stated explicitly. Only 10 Gamer’s Boxes are being released to the public, so this will not be a lengthy campaign.

Still, if you want an opportunity to get one yourself, you need to tag a friend or comment on the original KFC announcement on its social media accounts. That includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This isn’t the first time KFC has tried a technological box design to drum up some interest in its food. In 2016, it debuted a box that could charge your smartphone for you, as part of its “Watt a Box,” campaign.

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