Killer Instinct brings back Maya, tweaks some rules in coming update

killer instinct brings back maya tweaks rules coming update

Killer Instinct 2 fighter Maya is set to make a return in Iron Galaxy’s Xbox One fighter revival, Killer Instinct. She’ll be included in the update that brings the game into it’s so-called “season two,” as the developer revealed during a panel at the EVO 2014 Championship Series event in Las Vegas this weekend (via GameSpot).

This revived Maya wields a pair of daggers against enemies, both as melee weapons and projectiles. The blades level up with each consecutive hit, turning into an unblockable projectile weapon at max level. There’s a risk, however; Maya stands to lose one or both blades when she misses an attack, effectively nullifying her power build-up ability.

The second season of Killer Instinct also introduces some rule changes. Air juggled players now have an out in the form of air combo breakers. What’s more, the game’s jailing system — which penalizes rage quitting players by forcing them to only play with other rage quitters for 24 hours — will be updated with improved stat tracking and a mechanism that only penalizes the disconnecting player.

Killer Instinct was an Xbox One launch title from Double Helix, but Divekick developer Iron Galaxy stepped in to handle season two when Double Helix was purchased by Amazon. Get your first peek at the new and improved Maya in the concept art above, released by Microsoft.