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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix screens conjure up the Disney magic

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix is coming later in 2014 and we’re going to be seeing it very soon at E3, but why wait a whole week for that nonsense? We’ve got a mess of new screens right here and now for you to sift through. Just relax and let the Disney-meets-Final Fantasy wash over you.

The game combines Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep into one package, complete with remastered visuals and further bolstered by new boss battles, weapons, abilities, minigames, and cutscenes. We know it’s coming to PlayStation 3, and we’re expecting Square Enix to reveal more specific release plans either at or right around E3.

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Maybe it’s the Disney-fueled nostalgia, but ‘Kingdom Hearts’ is still pure magic
kingdom hearts backlog 1 feat b

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to play a major role in one of your favorite Disney movies? Or what it would be like to call on the power of Aladdin’s Genie in a challenging battle or fight alongside Donald and Goofy in the pursuit against evil? Kingdom Hearts answers these questions, placing you in a journey that follows a charming kid named Sora that gets delightfully tangled up in the worlds of Disney classics. The result? An adventure through nostalgia that holds up to this day.

No one has played every video game. Not even the experts. In Backlog, Digital Trends’ gaming team goes back to the important games they’ve never played to see what makes them so special… or not.
An adventure in every sense of the word
Nearly 15 years after Kingdom Hearts II, Square Enix has finally released Kingdom Hearts III. bringing the long-awaited finale to a series known for its many convoluted spin-offs and equally confusing nomenclature. If you want to make any sense of the Kingdom Hearts lore, it’s important to know that each entry plays a part in the story. I decided to begin my journey where it all began.

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Break down Sora’s arsenal of weapons with our ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Keyblade guide
Here's every Keyblade you can get in 'Kingdom Hearts 3' and how to unlock them
Kingdom Hearts III review

Sora may technically be the star of Kingdom Hearts 3, but the real stars of the action gameplay are the Keyblades you acquire throughout your adventure. With each Disney world you save from the Heartless, you get a new Keyblade that Sora can carry into battle. The awesome designs are inspired by the Disney worlds they hail from. In combat, though? The Keyblades are even cooler, with each one offering a different combat experience.
What you need to know about Keyblades
Here are a few tips and tricks about wielding Keyblades before we get started. Each Keyblade starts with different magic and strength stats. Some start out rather balanced, while others favor one trait or the other. Every Keyblade, however, can be upgraded in the Moogle Shop to have strong stats in both categories. However, you're unlikely to have enough materials to level up your full set of Keyblades during a single playthrough (each Keyblade has up to 10 levels). You'll want to pay attention to the strengths/weaknesses of each one when deciding which three Keyblades to equip.
Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade guide
In this guide, we'll detail each of the Keyblades, including their form changes, and outline the strengths and weaknesses of each one.
Kingdom Key

Starting stats: Strength - 4, Magic - 3
Unlock condition: Starting weapon
Form change: Second Form
Ability: Treasure Magnet

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Not so simple and clean: How to view the ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ secret movie
Kingdom Hearts 3 Hands-On Preview

KINGDOM HEARTS III – Opening Movie Trailer

Square Enix is being extremely careful with Kingdom Hearts 3's release to keep players from spoiling the game from each other, and the epilogue and a separate secret movie are being released as post-launch DLC in order to preserve their mystery. You must beat the main game in order to view the epilogue, but viewing the secret movie requires a little bit more work.

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