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L.A. Noire ‘isn’t complete yet,’ according to a Rockstar Games rep

The last announced downloadable content release for Rockstar Games and Team Bondi‘s open world adventure game L.A. Noire. That doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Cole Phelps, however. That’s what a Rockstar rep seemed to indicate in a recent chat with Kotaku. Actually, forget the “seemed to”… that’s exactly what was said.

“The game isn’t complete yet,” the rep said, without further clarification. Which leaves plenty of room for speculation. There’s still some content out there that hasn’t been released as paid DLC, such as the “Consul’s Car” case that came with PlayStation 3 versions of the game. There are also multiple in-game references to Cole’s time on the Burglary desk, where he worked between Traffic and Homicide. Its exclusion from the final game seemed strange, but perhaps it was meant all along as a large-scale DLC pack.

It wouldn’t be the first time for Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption got the “Undead Nightmare” expansion, which added a zombie-filled six-hour campaign and an all-new multiplayer mode to the game. Zombies probably won’t fit in so well in Noire‘s 1947 Los Angeles — and Rockstar would do well to release more content that isn’t heavy on the action, since it’s not the game’s strong suit — but “Undead Nightmare” worked out great, as did the GTA IV DLC that came out before it. It’s a safe bet that something similarly hefty is planned for Detective Phelps.

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