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The Last of Us Part 2’s free PS5 upgrade is available right now

A free performance patch for The Last of Us Part 2 that upgrades the game for the PlayStation 5 is available now. The update primarily brings frame rate enhancements to the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 launched just a few months before the PS5’s release. Considering it was 2020’s biggest release, a next-gen patch seemed imminent. Sony has now surprise launched the anticipated update, Patch 1.08, wand it is available right now.

The patch is free to anyone who owns The Last of Us Part 2. The most significant enhancement is that it targets 60 frames per second, instead of 30. Once downloaded, players can jump into the game’s display options and toggle between the two frame rates.

In a blog post, Sony notes that the update goes hand in hand with the basic enhancements available through backward compatibility on the PS5. It notes that players can already experience “enhanced resolution, faster load times, and more” for the game on PS5.

Sony implies that more patches to other games could be coming soon. It calls this a “first step of working on the PS5” and says it will have more news to share soon. It’s not exactly clear if Sony is planning more updates to The Last of Us Part 2 or if it just plans to make similar upgrades to other PS4 games.

In our review of The Last of Us Part 2, we praised the game’s already stunning visuals. “The visuals of The Last of Us Part II are, quite simply, magnificent,” we said. “I played on a base PlayStation 4 with HDR on, and I was floored that I wasn’t playing in 4K. It really looks that good.”

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