LittleBigPlanet Vita dev creating original action adventure game, Hunger

littlebigplanet devs hunger hungerconceptart2

Tarsier Studios, known for bringing LittleBigPlanet to the Vita and contributing to the first two LittleBigPlanet games on PlayStation 3, has announced a new IP: a third-person 3D action adventure game with stealth and exploration elements, tentatively called Hunger.

The plot sounds dark and surreal–Miyazaki by way of BioShock: “A nine-year old girl named Six is kidnapped from her home and taken to work in The Maw – a surreal underwater resort catering to the whims of the powerful elite. When an unexpected twist of fate offers her a chance at freedom, Six takes a journey through the bizarre and unpredictable world of The Maw, and catches a glimpse at the corrupt heart of modern happiness.”

The Danish developer brought the concept to the Nordic Games Conference 2014 and was awarded 500,000 Danish Kroner (approximately $91,500) in development support from the Nordic Games Program, which previously helped fund indie darling Limbo. The game is being developed as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 4.