Madden NFL 15 dev team trolls incoming rookie class

Madden NFL 15 announcement
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Freshly drafted NFL rookies must feel like they’re on top of the world. Living the dream! Going to Disneyland! After years of training, hard work, and toughing it out in the brutal college football arena, then biting fingernails down to nubs as pro teams make their selections during the draft, being one of the handful picked must be pretty darn special.

That’s why EA Tiburon is here to remind them all that the tremendous achievement of landing on an NFL team really just turns them into smaller fish in a bigger pond.

This newly released Madden NFL 15 video features no gameplay. It’s a series of talking head clips with some of the 2014 season’s marquee rookies. Watch as they predict what their virtual player stats will be in the upcoming game, then see those hopes dashed as they learn the reality of how they’ve been rated by EA Tiburon’s so-called “ratings czar,” Donny Moore.

It’s funny stuff, and a good way for football fans to pass the time as the countdown to Madden NFL 15‘s August 26 release — not to mention the start of the 2014 NFL season — continues.

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