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Mass Effect 3 announced for 2011 holiday season, trailer released

Bioware’s Mass Effect game series has garnered serious praise for its action and character-driven play, and now Bioware has announced it plans to take the franchise to the next level with Mass Effect 3, due to ship in time for the 2011 holiday season. (For the math-challenged, that’s next year.) The game will feature enemies from uncharted space laying siege to planet Earth…and humanity’s hopes rest with Commander Shepard and his squad as he races to bring help (and allies) to save the world. Mass Effect 3 will also mark the first time a Mass Effect game will ship simultaneously for the Xbox 360, Windows PCs, and the PlayStation 3.

BioWare debuted a Mass Effect 3 game trailer at Spike’s Video Game Awards this weekend, and it’s live now on the Mass Effect site.

“At BioWare, we are always driving ourselves to improve and I firmly believe our best work is still ahead of us,” said BioWare co-founder and grop general manager Dr. Ray Muzyka, in a statement. “We could not be prouder of the team’s accomplishments with Mass Effect 2, and are excited and humbled by all of the recognition the game has received so far.”

Neither BioWare nor publishing partner Electronic Arts have revealed much else about the game. For instance, nobody knows whether it will have multiplayer capability—Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 are single-player only.

For folks still looking to dive into Mass Effect 2, there’s some good news: the title will land on the PlayStation 3 January 11, 2011. For the math-challenged, that’s next month.

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