Meet Pagan Min, the brutal druglord villain of Far Cry 4

When you assume the name and mimic the actions of a 19th century Burmese king who killed his own father in a power grab, you’re making a statement. That statement is: I am a sociopathic dick.

Enter Pagan Min, antagonist of Ubisoft’s upcoming Far Cry 4. This new trailer shows off what a sweet guy he is. He really seems to care, you know? The way he stabs that man in the back, so quick and sudden? A lot less painful than it could have been.

The trailer also gives a peek at some of the high-flying, animal kingdom-infused action of Far Cry 4. Attack elephants! Angry tigers! Complex aerial maneuvers involving a four-wheeler ATV, a wingsuit, an escaping plane, and a perfectly tossed grenade! Fun times!

Far Cry 4 comes to PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox platforms on November 18, 2014.