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The Blue Bomber is back in action in Capcom’s ‘Mega Man 11’

Mega Man 11 - Announcement Trailer
The Mega Man 30th anniversary stream lived up to its can’t-miss hype. We mentioned in our original post about the event that what longtime fans really wanted was the next mainline Mega Man game. Well, Capcom delivered that by unveiling Mega Man 11 on Monday, December 4.

As shown in the trailer above, Mega Man 11 sticks to traditional side-scrolling action, but the visuals have been modernized for the first time. Mega Man 10, which launched in 2010, imitated the look and feel of retro Mega Man games.

The Blue Bomber won’t always be blue in his latest adventure. Mega Man will change costumes based on which powers and weapons are equipped. So far, we know from the trailer that Mega Man will have a gray costume to accompany his large cement-looking hand weapon. That weapon can drop a string of weighty boxes from the sky onto enemies below.

During the stream, Mega Man 11 was described as a “resurrection” of the storied series. If the trailer is any indication, though, the platforming sequences and epic boss battles that encapsulated the Mega Man experience will still be the driving force of this new-look take on the series. Mega Man’s main foe, Dr. Wily, will also return.

Mega Man 11 will launch in late 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

While Mega Man 11 was certainly the most noteworthy reveal from the stream, Capcom sweetened the deal further. For fans of the Mega Man X games, all eight of the mainline X games will be compiled into the Mega Man X Collection. The wide-ranging collection spans 11 years worth of games, from Mega Man X for Super Nintendo to Mega Man X8 for PlayStation 2. Mega Man X Collection will be available for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC in summer 2018.

To put the cherry on top of Mega Man’s anniversary, both of the recent Mega Man compilations will come to Nintendo Switch in 2018. Mega Man Legacy Collection compiles Mega Man through Mega Man 6, and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 rounds off the series with Mega Man 7 through Mega Man 10. A launch window for the Switch versions of the collections was not provided but they will arrive before Mega Man 11. Both legacy collections will feature Amiibo support.

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