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Watch Mega Man’s ‘can’t-miss’ 30th-anniversary stream here

Update: The Mega Man 30th anniversary stream has ended. Capcom revealed Mega Man 11, the first entry in the series since 2010. The studio also unveiled a Mega Man X collection, compiling the eight mainline X games, and both of the previously released Mega Man Legacy Collections for Nintendo Switch.

Mega Man turns 30 on December 17, but Capcom will celebrate the Blue Bomber’s momentous day a bit earlier. The studio sent cards to multiple media outlets teasing the stream. IGN shared the card’s message with readers: “Celebrate the Blue Bomber’s big 30th with us. Watch live on December 4th! You won’t want to miss it!”

No hints as to what the stream will entail were offered in the note, but needless to say, we’re intrigued by Capcom hyping up the event.

How to watch

The main event kicks off on Monday, December 4, at 11 a.m. PT, and will run until noon. The stream can be watched on Twitch, but we will also have it right here in this post. You might want to tune in early, though. On its blog, Capcom revealed that the pre-show will feature Mega Man trivia questions and a chance to win special swag by tuning in.

What to expect

It would be mightily disappointing for this stream to be publicized as a can’t-miss event without a new game reveal, right? Obviously, there are no assurances but it would be strange to merely celebrate the history of Mega Man. Here’s to hoping the celebration also leads to plans for a game.

The last mainline game in the series, Mega Man 10, launched in 2010, and the last game that featured Mega Man-style gameplay was in Street Fighter x Mega Man, a fan-made crossover game created with Capcom’s support that celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mega Man in 2012.

That said, Capcom already compiled Mega Man games across two collections in recent years. Mega Man Legacy Collection contained Mega Man through Mega Man 6, and earlier this year, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 tackled Mega Man 7 through Mega Man 10. So a retro compilation announcement seems unlikely.

Fans have been clamoring for a new entry in the series and Capcom has, thus far, shown no real interest in delivering on that fervent desire. Perhaps Mega Man could go the route of Sonic and appease fans by remixing old games in the same vein as Sonic Mania. That would be welcome, but what longtime Mega Man veterans truly want is Mega Man 11. Wishful thinking? Probably so, but we will find out what’s in store for the tough-as-nails platforming franchise on December 4.

For now, enjoy this video of a birthday cake alongside classic Mega Man tunes.

READY? The #MegaMan30 Anniversary Livestream begins December 4th, 11 AM PST at! Details:

— Mega Man (@MegaMan) November 30, 2017

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