Metro: Last Light E3 footage turns out the lights and commences with the killing

e3 2011 best of metro last light screenshot 4

We’re more than a month past the close of E3 2011 and footage is still arriving online on an almost daily basis. On Tuesday you got to see the Kanye West-‘Power’ed Forza MotorSport 4 trailer and today brings a new look at THQ‘s Metro: Last Light, the follow-up to the publisher’s 2010 release, Metro 2033.

The two-and-a-half-minute look is clearly marked as part one, meaning there should be more to come soon. It’s immediately clear that this sequel is just as visually impressive as its predecessor, though it’s hard to tell at times thanks to the person controlling the demo shooting out all of the lights. It serves the gameplay though, as we see returning protagonist Artyom sneak up on a group of enemies and silently take out the sentries before opening fire on the larger group.

There are some beautiful shadows going on in the highly interactive, highly destructible environment. At one point, Artyom fires on a pot of boiling water dangling over a small bonfire; as water splashes down to the ground, we watch the fire weaken. Once the combat begins in earnest, the enemies whip out their gun-mounted flashlights, which also serve as perfect targets for you to train your sights on. The brief look ends with Artyom grabbing a beeft minigun and using it to lay waste to a group of gun-toting baddies.

Metro: Last Light is still a ways off, with the release scheduled for the early part of 2012. It looks like it’s shaping up pretty well so far though; stay tuned for more soon.