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Metro Redux combines 2033 and Last Light for PS4/XB1 release this summer

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The rumors are true: Deep Silver is bringing remastered versions of Metro 2033 and its sequel, Metro: Last Light, to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as the Metro Redux bundle this summer. Both games will be released as download-only propositions, for $25 apiece or $50 for the pair. In addition to a freshened up look — which amounts to a significant difference for the older 2033 — and 60FPS performance, both games also feature new content.

For starters, Metro 2033 has been completely rebuilt using the same engine that powers Last Light. In addition to vastly improved visuals — affecting everything from lighting to weather to character animations to environmental destruction — that also means stepped up enemy AI, stealth mechanics (lethal/non-lethal takedowns), and combat (plus weapon customization), as well as the all-important “mask wipe” feature (no more blood in your face!).

Last Light sees fewer refinements (it’s a newer game, after all), but it’s hardly untouched. Developer 4A Games added in Check Watch and Check Inventory, new melee combat animations, and an overall visual makeover. Also included are all of the downloadable content releases that were part of the game’s Season Pass.

For both games, 4A also added a pair of new play styles for players to choose from, both of which are separate from the Ranger mode (included in both games) that strips away the HUD and ratchets up the challenge by creating more of a real world-grounded experience. The Spartan play style leans more toward the fast pace and big action of Last Light, which gives players an opportunity to experience Metro 2033 in a whole new way. Conversely, the Survival play style limits resources, slows down reload time, and makes enemies deadlier (in the style of 2033), amounting to a fresh take on Last Light.

Both play styles will be available to choose from in either game, and Ranger mode continues to be an option whether you go Spartan or Survival.

Both remastered games will also be coming to Windows this summer, with Linux and SteamOS releases to follow sometime “this year.”

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