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Hades 2: release date prediction, trailers, gameplay, and more

Just like Zagreus’ never-ending quest to escape the Underworld in Greek mythology, it seems we too are destined to continue fighting through new levels of demons and monsters in the sequel to the amazing roguelike Hades. We’re not complaining, as that game was one of the best games released in 2020, and no one expected a sequel at all, let alone one announced so soon. Hades 2 will be the first sequel studio Supergiant Games have ever made, and it makes sense given how successful and popular the first game ended up being. Aside from some notable exceptions like Rogue Legacy 2 and Spelunky 2, not many roguelikes ever get a direct sequel, so there’s a lot of mystery surrounding how Hades 2 will be different from the first game. But there’s no need to dive into the depths of the Underworld yourself in search of answers, as we’ve pulled all the information we could from the jaws of Cerberus.

Release date

Melinoe promising to beat the Titan.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Hades 2 entered early access on May 6, 2024.

We don’t have any information about when a 1.0 release date might hit. The first Hades was in early access for almost two years, but we know that a slightly bigger team is working on Hades 2 from the start so this game may hit 1.0 a bit faster. We’re speculating that toward the end of 2024 is the very earliest it could release.


Melinoe standing in a stone circle.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Hades 2 is currently planned to be released on PC and consoles, though it was not specified which consoles. We can assume PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are planned, with last-gen systems and the Switch being up in the air at the moment.

The early access period for the game will be exclusive to PC platforms.


Hades II - Reveal Trailer

The very stylish and well-animated trailer introduces us to the new protagonist of Hades 2, Melinoe, the Princess of the Underworld and immortal witch. Being the brother of the original protagonist Zagreus, she is also based on an existing mythological figure. It will be a direct sequel to the events of Hades but have a completely independent story. Knowledge of the first game, or Greek mythology in general, will lead to some satisfying connections.

Melinoe is on a quest to free her father Zeus from the Titan of Time, Chronos. Chronos, along with Hades and other Godly figures, have escaped the Underworld to begin a war on the Gods of Olympus which Melinoe seeks to prevent.


Hades II Technical Test - Live Gameplay

The trailer shows off a bit of gameplay that looks quite similar to that of the first game. The perspective and basic flow of clearing rooms, choosing between boons given by different gods, and unleashing special attacks all look to be returning. It also goes without saying that you will be repeating many, many runs with randomly generated rooms and enemies. It also appears that Hades 2 will feature a greater mix of spells, as Melinoe is a witch, as well as melee options.

There were also glimpses at some hub world interactions, which was a major part of Hades as well, where you will once again be able to speak with and learn more about the various characters in the game.

Supergiant released a massive three-hour-long stream of the game in its early technical test stage. In it, they walk us through seven different runs of the game to show it off for everyone who isn’t lucky enough to be selected to play in the test.

The first area is called Erebus, the forested region we’ve seen before, where Apollo is shown off as one of the new gods with a new set of boons to pick from. Other new gods will be Hestia, Goddess of Flame, and Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Other returning and new characters we spotted were Dora, Nemesis, Odysseus, Hypnos, Demeter, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Zeus, and Artemis.

A new item you will be collecting is called Ashes, which you can use back at the hub with an altar. When you do, you unlock various arcana cards that serve as permanent upgrades and must be unlocked in a somewhat sequential manner.

The Silver Lake is where you will unlock new weapons, while the Cauldron introduces a crafting system. These let you do things like add new weapons to the Silver Lake and bring more characters into your hub.

The biggest new combat tool is called Omega attacks, which use your new magick meter. These charge up your various spells or weapon attacks to be more effective and gain massive areas of effect. The only two weapons shown off were the Witch’s Staff and Sister Blades.


Art for Nemesis in hades 2.
Supergiant Games

Hades 2 has no preorders up, nor information on how early access will be handled. Once details are out, we will update this post.

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