Microsoft: Xbox 360 Shipments Strong

As part of its fourth quarter financial filings, Microsoft Corporation claims it shipped 1.8 million Xbox 360 gaming systems during the quarter, bringing the total number of Xbox 360 units shipped to over 5 million.

At the beginning of its fiscal 2006 year, Microsoft said it hoped to ship between 4.5 and 5.5 million Xbox 360 systems during the year, and the company was on target with a total of 5 million units shipped: 1.5 million units during the product’s second-quarter launch, 1.7 million during the third quarter, and 1.8 million to wrap up the year.

Microsoft has also said that it hopes have moved 10 million Xbox 360 consoles by the time Sony’s Playstation 3 gaming system begins shipping in November 2006. Although a 10 million-unit figure may not be within reach, the current numbers leave little doubt Microsoft is making good strides at opening up a lead against the dominant player in the game console industry. If gamers balk at the unexpectedly high price the Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft may be able to continue building Xbox 360 market momentum through the PS3 launch and the end-of-year holiday season, particularly as more titles ships for the Xbox 360.