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Mojang officially confirms second season of ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’

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Telltale has officially confirmed the second season of the game, and we have updated this piece accordingly.

Minecraft: Story Mode will soon get a second season that looks to be the perfect starting point for newcomers.

Over the weekend, The Australian Ratings Board, the Down Under equivalent to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), classified the first episode of season two with a PG rating (via Eurogamer). The episode, dubbed Hero in Residence, is clearly marked as the first episode of season two on the government site.

On June 7, Mojang and Telltale officially confirmed the game’s second season, with Hero in Residence scheduled to launch on July 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Jesse will still be the start of the show this time around, and the game will factor in choices that were made during the first season —  said that the game will still be a perfect jumping-off point for new players, however.

The second season will also make use of Telltale’s new “Crowd Play” feature, which lets the audience help choose story options. Bundled with Microsoft’s Mixer service, this could lead to some entertaining choices. Jesse and his friends will be transported to an underwater temple for a new adventure that includes voice performances from Patton Oswalt, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, and members of the YouTube community.

Season one wrapped up in September with the curiously titled eighth episode, A Journey’s End?, the final act of the three-part Adventure expansion pass which extended the season past Telltale’s traditional five-episode season format. Although the Telltale adaptation of the brick builder received mixed reviews throughout its original five-episode arc, it performed well commercially, justifying the additional three episodes.

It’s no surprise that Telltale is continuing the franchise, but considering how busy Telltale has been as of late, it is kind of surprising that season two seems to be on the horizon. Telltale recently wrapped up The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, and the second episode of its Guardians of the Galaxy launches this week, with three more episodes planned for the coming months. Telltale is also currently hard at work on Game of Thrones: Season Two.

A Nintendo Switch port of season 1 titled Minecraft: Story Mode — The Complete Adventure, containing all eight episodes, launches July 18.

It’s possible that we’ll hear about the second season of Minecraft: Story Mode at E3 next week. A physical version of the game will be available this autumn.

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