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‘Monster Hunter World’ hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January

Monster Hunter Stories available now for 3DS, giving you the chance to control magical beasts in a Pokémon-style role-playing game, but if you’ve been waiting for the next “real” installment of the series to hit consoles, you’re in luck. Monster Hunter World is out this January, and it’s coming with an impressive collector’s edition.

On both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players will be able to purchase the Monster Hunter World Collector’s Edition for $150. This version of the game includes a Samurai skin set, extra gestures, hair options, face paint, and stickers, as well as a hardcover art book, digital soundtrack code, and a “flagship monster statue.” The statue is of the “Nergigante,” which features enormous spikes coming out of its body as well as two large horns on its head, almost like the Cyberdemon from Doom. It is very small, however, coming in at under 5 inches tall.

For $70, players can get all of the digital bonuses included in the Collector’s Edition, and those who pre-order will also get access to the “Origin Set Armor” and “Fair Wind Charm” talisman, though Capcom said that these items could be available to all players down the line — PlayStation 4 players who pre-order the digital version of the game will also receive a special theme.

A new trailer for the game was released as part of the Tokyo Game Show, offering a stunning look at its environments and new monsters. The locations are varied, from Avatar-like purple and blue regions to sprawling deserts, and the battles look like they’ll be as entertaining as ever. Our favorite monster, seen about halfway through the trailer, looks like a cross between a cotton ball and a bat, and quickly “deflates” as it attacks the hunter on the ground. Others are more menacing, and unlike the plastic figurine, the Nergigante in the game is absolutely enormous.

Monster Hunter World is out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018, with a PC release coming later. It’s the first main entry to hit home consoles since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U in 2012, as recent entries have stuck to the 3DS, instead.

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