More alleged XCOM shooter teasing points to April 26 reveal

XCOM shooter tease

It is now looking like 2K Games will be bringing out some sort of news on the long-dormant XCOM shooter from 2K Marin on April 26, based on a newly posted YouTube video from user VeritasMCMLXII. The 18-second clip features a young boy staring up at the sky and apparently not liking what he sees there. Pause the vid at the 16 second mark when the frame jumps and you can clearly see a date – April 26 – and the letters “2K” on the right side of the screen.

I can confirm to you now that Digital Trends is currently sitting on a news embargo from 2K that will lift this Friday, which happens to be April 26. I can’t go into any details on the particulars of that news, but I can confirm that there’s a connection here. Given that VeritasMCMLXII shared the first YouTube link in our post about 2K removing all traces of the XCOM shooter from its web presence, you can probably figure a lot of this out for yourself.

We’ll have more for you this Friday. Until then, enjoy scratching your head as you watch this teasing new YouTube. Be sure to note the title: “What Happened in 62”