Most Shameless E3 2009 Booth Babe Award Winner

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closed

In case you hadn’t heard, booth babes were back at E3 2009. The scantily clad ladies designed to lure unsuspecting nerds into booths were out in full force yet again this year, and in the name of journalistic integrity, we saw it fit to crown the most shameless display of skin.

Over the course of our scientific and completely unbiased consideration, we had to consider many factors, including the number of models, how ridiculous their costumes were, and how completely inadequate they were for covering them up. Many contenders were painstakingly considered, and while they all excelled at bringing the level of classiness at the show down a rung, one booth’s specimens especially stood out.

We’ve decided the award must go to Nyko for its faux redheads in skintight rubber dresses. The enormous red boots: tacky. The dresses, let’s just say they’re a very ineffective way of covering up. But the fake red hair really puts it over the top – see exhibit A, the attached photo – where the natural-haired model in the middle actually looks like she might have some humility left beside her wigged colleagues.

Congratulations, Nyko! We look forward to next year where companies will once again compete to see which among them has the least shame.