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Nintendo and Lego piece together NES-themed set

Nintendo and Lego have partnered again on a new Lego set for nostalgic gamers.

The companies unveiled the Lego NES Building Kit on Tuesday, a set of Lego bricks that will allow users to create a Nintendo Entertainment System, controller, and even a 1980s style TV set — complete with Super Mario Bros. on the screen.

The set will launch on August 1 at both Lego stores and the Lego website for $230. It’ll be available at other retail outlets starting in 2021.

The Lego console even includes an opening slot where a game cartridge can be inserted and locked into place.

The kit’s controller features an attached cable that can be plugged into the console and the television includes everything from a stand and dials to an attachable antenna, similar to many TVs that were available in 1985 when the NES launched. The television has a rotating insert featuring a Super Mario Bros. level. Using a crank on its side, users can have a Lego Mario traverse the level. In total, the kit has 2,646 pieces.

Are you ready to play like never before?

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) July 13, 2020

In addition to bricks, the kit also includes a digital element. If users buy the separately sold Bluetooth-ready Mario in the Super Mario Starter Course LEGO set, they can place it on top of the television and watch as it makes sounds reacting to obstacles, enemies, and power-ups. The companies said the sounds will be identical to those in the original 1985 game.

The new building kit is part of a broader partnership between Lego and Nintendo. Earlier this year, the companies launched a Super Mario set, featuring the Super Mario character and other elements from the franchise’s world. Lego has released additional expansion packs in recent months for players to add more Nintendo characters to their sets.

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