NFL Blitz will return to the field in 2012

nfl blitz will return to the field in 2012Oh, NFL Blitz, it’s been far too long since we’ve been able to bodyslam a quarterback seconds after he releases a 98-yard pass from one end of the field to the other. Those were the days — and apparently, they’re coming back around again.

According to EGM, not only is a new NFL Blitz game in development, but it will hit shelves in time for this season’s NFL playoffs.

Although the report doesn’t provide any details about the official launch date or platforms for the new NFL Blitz, it does offer a pretty comprehensive look at the game’s new currency system, “Blitz Bucks,” which will allow users to customize the game in various ways. Users can purchase new game modes, cheats, loading screens, and playing cards that make it possible to put players on different teams.

While the report assures fans that the rebooted version of the game will harken back to its roots and feature all of the signature over-the-top brutality and wild playing style of the original Midway classic, it will also feature a few new additions. Among the notable upgrades is the “Blitz Gauntlet” mode, in which players take on multiple teams in succession, as well as the necessary online play that’s sure to spawn some epic grudge matches.

The site also posted an interview with NFL Blitz Project Lead Dave Ross, which sheds a little more light on the upcoming revival of the popular game: