Nintendo 3DS gets… a steering wheel?

nintendo 3ds gets a steering wheelRemember that time when you thought, “Hey, I really love my Nintendo 3DS, but what it really needs is a steering wheel controller.”

No? Well, someone thought that at one point or another, because that’s exactly what the 3DS is getting.

Much like the goofy steering wheel for the Nintendo Wii that accompanied Mario Kart‘s arrived on the system, the upcoming release of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS will see the handheld system getting a wheel controller of its own. And given that it’s significantly bigger than the console itself (and its screen), this one manages to look even sillier (though honestly, it’s probably a lot of fun).

Still, it’s worth noting that the steering wheel is produced by Japanese company Hori, a company known for creating quality gaming accessories — so the wheel clearly isn’t some cheap peripheral that will fall apart after a day or refuse to play nice with your system.

The Nintendo 3DS steering wheel will go on sale December 1 in Japan, and cost approximately $17. You can check it out on Amazon’s Japanese site for more info.

And hey, let’s face facts: You’ll probably get laughed at for using it in public, but there will be a long line of people wanting to try it out after you’re done.

nintendo 3ds gets a steering wheel mario kart 7