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Nintendo teases its upcoming ‘Super Mario Run’ game in a series of tweets

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Much to the delight of its investors, Nintendo finally embraced the smartphone/tablet market with the launch of Miitomo earlier this year on iOS and Android. Nintendo’s first mobile game exploded when it hit the mobile scene and then seemingly fizzled out shortly thereafter, pushing Nintendo to quickly follow up with an even more explosive game based on augmented reality, Pokémon Go, in July. Now Super Mario Run is getting ready to dash onto mobile devices in December and to celebrate, Nintendo is teasing fans with a string of tweets on Twitter.

So far, there are five Twitter posts from Nintendo of America, each sporting a loose illustration of the Super Mario Run gameplay. The first drawing illustrates Mario vaulting over Goombas and Koopa Troopas instead of smashing them outright. After that, the drawings indicate that Mario is learning how to run and jump over objects without stopping, rolling or leap-frog jumping over blocks. Finally, Mario graduates to jumping over holes, with his continuous efforts making him faster and able to jump further than he could at the start.

“We’ve received a report from Toad that Mario’s been running around more than usual. Stay tuned for additional info,” Nintendo of America said in the most current Super Mario Run tweet.

If you’re not familiar with the upcoming mobile game, Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling game, but not in the traditional Mario platformer sense. It’s an auto-running title where Mario is running from the left side of the screen to the right, forcing players to tap the screen to make Mario jump over obstacles and gaps. The longer the player taps the screen, the higher Mario will jump.

As expected, Mario can grab power-ups along his side-scrolling marathon, stomp on any enemy that gets in his way, wall-jump up narrow passages, and fight huge bosses at the end of the level. Obviously, the goal of each race is to get Mario to the end in the least amount of time, and in one piece.

Mario will also collect coins in his dash that can be used to purchase items for decorating the player’s custom-built Mushroom Kingdom, which is one of the three parts to the overall Super Mario Run game. The third part is nearly identical to the main Super Mario Run mode, only players race against the “ghosts” of other real-world players to receive an additional stash of coins.

Super Mario Run is slated to hit the iPhone and iPad on December 15 in 151 countries and in 10 languages. So far, there is no set date for the Android version. However, Nintendo of America apparently has more Super Mario Run-themed tweets on the horizon, so perhaps we’ll know more about the Android version as the tweets go live.

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