Nintendo looks back to move forward with ‘NES Remix’ and ‘Dr. Luigi’

nintendo looks history move forward nes remix dr luigi

Nintendo today announced a slew of new games, including a new twist on some of its old properties. Those include a new version of Dr. Mario starring Luigi – unsurprisingly titled Dr. Luigi – while anther is a collection of NES games reworked with new challenges, titled NES Remix. A new Chibi Robot for the 3DS was also unveiled, along with the Wii U exclusive mash-up of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors: Hyrule Warriors.

One of Nintendo’s greatest strengths is, and always has been its vast library of games and properties. For what will soon be 30 years, the “House Mario Built” filled its vaults with classics going back as far as the 8-bit days, many of which still hold up in their original form. NES Remix takes sections of a dozen of those NES classics, and offers new challenges using the same game mechanics, graphics, even music, then lets you play them on the Wii U.

Yes, you read that right: NES Remix mashes together sections of many different games. You will not get the entire games – only select parts of them with some additions. Among the games remixed are: Excitebike, The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climbers, and many others that will ring bells in the deep corners of your memory.

The better you do in each challenge, the more stars you earn, which in turn unlocks more games with new sections to play. Some of those challenges include difficult things you could do before like getting a Hole-in-One in Nintendo’s aptly named 1984 classic Golf, while others are completely new and ask you to do things like reach the pole in Super Mario Bros. without any color to help you.

NES Remix is available now for the Wii U through the Nintendo eStore.

Continuing the “Year of Luigi,” Nintendo also showed off the new take on the old Dr. Mario puzzle game, which now stars Luigi. The game features a new game mode called “Operation L,” as well as the classic Tetris-like game. You’ll also be able to challenge friends online.

Dr. Luigi will be available for the Wii U through the eStore on January 15.

Nintendo also announced a new Chibi Robot for the 3DS, Chibi Robot: Photo Finder, which utilizes the 3DS’ camera. It will be available on January 9 through the eStore.



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