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Nintendo Switch update adds button remapping and SD card game transfers

The Nintendo Switch gives players even more ways to switch things up. Nintendo Switch players can now remap controller buttons and transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card thanks to the latest firmware update.

The new 10.0 firmware patch is now available for the Switch and Switch Lite and works with the built-in Joy-Cons, Switch Pro Controller, and Switch Lite system. The ability to remap controller buttons and analog stick configurations is a long-requested feature from fans. Since it is a system-level option, it will work with all games and is a key accessibility feature.

Options can be set up under the controllers and sensors menu in the system settings. Players can save up to five custom controller configurations for each controller type. For those not prompted to install the update, it can be triggered manually through the system settings menu under the system update option.

Nintendo Switch owners can now also transfer downloadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory to an SD card. This allows players to back up their titles and free up space without having to download titles again. Nintendo did note that gamers cannot transfer save data and that some update data will not be compatible but didn’t give further details.

The news section of the Switch system has got a small face-lift, and players can now bookmark up to 300 stories they want to read later. It does require an internet connection for later viewing and news items that are no longer available won’t be viewable even if bookmarked.

The 10.0 update also brings in a new section to user settings for play activity options. Previously available in friends settings, it’s possible to change who can see what games are currently being played and delete the play log.

Catering to the game of the hour, Nintendo added six new player icons from Animal Crossing: New Horizons featuring Tom Nook; his nephews, Timmy and Tommy; Isabelle; Dodo Airlines pilot Wilbur; fishing connoisseur C.J.; and Flick, the deserted island’s bug enthusiast. Both Tom Nook and Isabelle were previously available in their Animal Crossing: New Leaf forms but now feature their current attire.

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