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No Man’s Sky’s massive Prisms update includes a total graphics overhaul

Developer Hello Games dropped a big surprise on Twitter today in the form of a free new update coming to No Man’s Sky. This new 3.5 update titled “the Prisms update” brings tons of new features to the game, including a complete graphical overhaul.

No Man's Sky Prisms Trailer

No Man’s Sky is an open sandbox space exploration game that originally released in 2016. It was initially met with mixed reactions and panned by many due to the expectations that it had set for players through lofty marketing. Since then, constant updates made the game a lot more complete and put it in a better light. The new Prisms update takes that glow-up even further and it’ll be available to download today.

Via press release on the No Man’s Sky website, Hello Games promises tons of new visual effects in the Prisms update such as improved lighting, new skies, new warp effects, better-detailed creature fur, new texture effects, more biome detail, and more. It also states that reflections have been changed and, working in tandem with the updated lighting, will present locations in the game with a more dynamic look.

Along with these visual upgrades, Hello Games has fixed a myriad of issues in the game and implemented tons of new gameplay features that will add even more variables to the No Man’s Sky experience. One of these additions is that almost all low-flying and land-based creatures can be tamed and made into companions.

The rest of the changes being added to the game can be found in the patch notes on the No Man’s Sky website.

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