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Hello Games not yet done with No Man’s Sky updates, plans ‘ambitious additions’

Hello Games, which has released several free updates for No Man’s Sky over the past several months, will continue with further additions and improvements for the space exploration game despite its developers being required to work from home.

In a post on the game’s official blog, Hello Games said that its team has settled into the “new normal” of working remotely, a transition that has allowed the developer to “take a moment and look back” on its journey with No Man’s Sky. Four substantial content updates — namely Synthesis, ByteBeat, Living Ship, and Exo Mech — have been released for the game over the past five months, separating it further from the version that was originally launched in 2016.

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No Man’s Sky was initially unfocused, with little reason to keep playing the game. However, it received a second chance through its various updates, including the Beyond update that added a free multiplayer mode named No Man’s Sky Online. It has slowly transformed into the space exploration game that players wanted from the beginning.

Hello Games, however, is apparently not yet done with the updates to No Man’s Sky. The developer said that it is working on “ambitious additions” to the game, while expressing excitement over what it has planned for the rest of the year.

Over the coming weeks, Hello Games said that it will roll out an alternative Exosuit Backpack. The toxic plants Blistering Mushroom, Watchful Protrusion, and Tentacle Spire have also been unlocked at the Quicksilver Bot’s shop.

No Man’s Sky players should also look forward to new weekend missions, with the latest one requiring players to talk to Iteration: Ariadne on the Space Anomaly.

The “ambitious additions” that Hello Games mentioned are still unknown, but with the developer’s work on No Man’s Sky, players should definitely look forward to what else is in store for the game.

18 quintillion planets in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky utilizes an algorithm to create a universe filled with 18 quintillion planets, all of which players may explore on foot and fly between in their spaceships.

While the game delivers as a massive playground for space explorers, there remain empty spaces that Hello Games may still be looking to fill with future updates.

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