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You can try No Man’s Sky for free this weekend

A screenshot of the Omega update for No Man's Sky.
Hello Games

Hello Games released the Omega update for No Man’s Sky today and is making the sci-fi game free-to-play temporarily to celebrate.

The main draw of the Omega update is that it incorporates cooperative expeditions into the main game experience rather than relegating them to a side mode. The Omega expedition was added to the game today, and tasks players with exploring and charting every inch of the planet Nafut Gamma. Completing this expedition will reward players with a limited-edition helmet and staff Multi-Tool, and players can carry over any resources gained during it. While this change is the biggest addition of the Omega update, it’s far from the only notable change.

No Man's Sky: Omega Update Trailer

The Atlas Path mission has been reworked and can now reward players with a special Atlas staff, jetpack, and helmet; several new planetary missions have also been added. Players can now take over Pirate Dreadnoughts and claim the ships or take their loot after defeating them in battle. The Altas Flightpack jetpack and Starborn Runner starship are also now in No Man’s Sky. For a full list of patch notes, check out the Omega Update’s webpage.

This is a significant update for No Man’s Sky, so Hello Games is giving people an easy way to give the game a shot. A free trial for No Man’s Sky has begun across all platforms and will run until 10 a.m. PT next Monday. During this time, players will have access to the entire game.

No Man’s Sky is free to play now across PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and VR platforms until February 19.

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