Check out Sony’s PS4 presentation on September 9, live from Japan

Sony will host a press conference in Japan on September 9, 2013, with a focus on the PlayStation 4. The presentation will, of course, be in Japanese, but English-speakers can tune in and watch it in a translated livestream, according to the PlayStation Europe Twitter feed. The stream will live on Sony’s PlayStation Blog in Europe, so set your browser accordingly. Prepare to stay up late, too; the 3pm event in Japan converts to 2am Eastern and 11pm Pacific.

The September 9 event happens 10 days before 2013’s annual Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 19-22. Sony hasn’t yet announced a PlayStation 4 release date for Japan – it’s coming to North America on November 15 and Europe on November 29 – so you can probably expect to get that during next week’s event. We’ll also likely get a launch lineup for the territory, along with some more general news on a few of the upcoming PS4 titles. Expect most of the news to focus on Japanese consumers, but there should be a few interesting nuggets for the rest of the world.