Sony announces $100 PlayStation TV for streaming games

can sony put tv new playstation device e3 2014
Already doing well in the console war, Sony used its stage at E3 2014 to announce another weapon that it will introduce to the battle for living room supremacy: the PlayStation TV.
Originally released just in Japan, The PlayStation TV will be making its way to the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The device is in the same vein as Apple TV, allowing users to stream their PS4 to another TV. It can also be used to manage media and, perhaps most interestingly, play Vita, PS1, and PSP games. “That’s nearly 1,000 games that PlayStation TV owners will have access to at launch,” promises Sony. 
The PlayStation TV will be priced at $100. A bundled version of the device will also be available and will include a DualShock 3 controller, 8GB memory card, HDMI cable, and the LEGO Movie: The Video Game for $140. 
The PlayStation TV, in combination with Sony’s PlayStation Now service, aims to finally solve the problem of backwards compatibility for its consoles. PlayStation Now will officially open its doors for beta use on July 31, 2014. There has been no release date announced for the North American and European release of the PlayStation TV.

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