PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies Invades Macs and PCs

Plants vs Zombies ScreenshotCasual game maker PopCap seems to have another hit on its hands with the whimsical Plants vs. Zombies, a strategy-based game in which wacky zombies try to invade your house…and, of course, your only real defense is a garden of assorted zombie-destroying plants. We know it doesn’t make any sense, and that’s part of the fun—and lots of computer users would seem to agree, since the downloadable version of the game available via the Web has been PopCap’s fastest-selling game in history during the last three months…and that’s saying something for the company that also markets the Bejewelled franchise.

Now, Plants vs. Zombies has made the jump to retail versions for Macs and PCs, and is sprouting up on shelves at major retailers including Best Buy, Wal-mart, Amazon, and even Apple’s retail stores. The retail versions are priced at $19.99, and offer five playing modes, dozens of mini-games and puzzles within the larger game, and highly replayable Survival and Adventure modes.

Just in case you thought the retail box versions signaled the Plants vs. Zombies invasion was complete, take a deep breath: PopCap is also planning versions for the iPhone and iPod touch and Xbox Live Arcade; the iPhone/iPod version should land by the end of 2009, but no date has been set for the XBLA version.