Rage HD iOS goes free after id Software gets 100,000 Facebook ‘Likes’


We’re still a few months away from Bethesda Softworks‘ release of the id Software-developed open world shooter, Rage. The iOS game Rage HD has been around since late last year to tide us over, but those who haven’t yet taken the plunge with the mobile release might want to go for it now. It’s free, after all.

Earlier this month, id Software threw out a challenge: the iOS Rage would go free for a week as soon as the console game’s Facebook page picked up 100,000 “Likes.” The feat was successfully accomplish and, as you can see in the App Store, Rage HD is down from $1.99 to the low, low price of absolutely nothing.

It may not be the greatest game in the App Store, but it’s certainly not a bad one. The regular pricing is already a good deal, and who’s going to argue with free? Rage HD is an on-rails shooter that should bring you a couple of joyful hours with its bloody action and sweet visuals.