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Leaked rating could point to ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ on PS4

PUBG - E3 2018 - Official Trailer

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC and Xbox One, but if you only have a PlayStation 4, you’re left out of the fun. If a recent South Korean game rating posting is any indication, however, that’s about to change.

The Game Rating and Administrative Committee in South Korea has posted a listing for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PlayStation 4, with the PUBG Corporation listed as the applicant. It’s undoubtedly the same game described in the rating posting, which mentions being “the last survivor on [an] isolated island.”

Though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been available on Xbox One since late last year, it was technically still part of the Xbox Preview program until a few weeks ago. The full game brought with it new weapons, microtransactions for cosmetic items, and the smaller Sanhok map. Many of these features are also available on the free-to-play PUBG Mobile, while is available on iOS and Android as well as PC, for some reason. The mobile version doesn’t support cross-play with its big siblings, as it’s technically a separate game. If you need tips to win, we’ve created a handy guide.

Losing console exclusivity for the game would be a pretty big blow to Xbox, as the system’s lineup of games pales in comparison to the PlayStation 4. Still, the game is certainly selling well on Xbox One so far, with more than 8 million players already. Compared to Fortnite, it’s nothing, but it’s hard to compete with a game that has become a worldwide sensation.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could certainly use the extra exposure on a new platform. Fortnite is dominating right now, and unlike the former game, it’s available on PlayStation 4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s “Blackout” mode will also be available on both consoles, and it offers a very polished version of the PUBG-type battle royale experience.

Still, PUBG is a little different. It’s a slower, more methodical game that forces you to always be aware of your environment and your enemies’ footsteps, and winning a match can often come down to avoiding conflict rather than engaging in it. If PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds does end up coming to PlayStation 4, we will almost certainly hear about it directly from Sony soon.

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