Relive our E3 ‘Art of Gaming’ series with prints direct from the artist

Infinitely Custom © Joshua Mongeau

If you followed our E3 2014 coverage, then you probably saw at least one of our “Art of Gaming” posts. As a special treat to our readers this year, Digital Trends commissioned artist Josh Mongeau to create an assortment of works inspired by what he observed coming out of the show. Check out the entire series now; just follow the links to Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

Josh is a talented artist with a love for video games and a work background that includes everything from product branding to corporate websites to concept art for the likes of Lucasfilm. He’s worked on graphic novels and children’s books, and all manner of things in between. You can see that multi-faceted background seeping into all of the E3 pieces he delivered to us.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the art as much as we enjoyed putting each post together. It was a fun collaboration, and we hope to bring you more like it in the future.

If you’re interested in purchasing any individual prints that you saw featured last week, head over to Josh’s store page on RedBubble. Digital Trends doesn’t get a cut; this is all for the artist. If you liked what you saw, please go ahead and show some support.