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How to escape the hold in Return to Monkey Island

You've finally gained access to LeShip and have made it off Melee Island. At this point, things look like they will be smooth sailing. Of course, what kind of game would *Return to Monkey Island * be if that were the case? As soon as you gain control of Guybrush again, you'll quickly realize that you're more of a prisoner than you first expected.




15 minutes

Getting out of the hold is a multi-step process that will require more than a little lateral thinking on your part. You're so close to finally reaching Monkey Island and getting the adventure off to a proper start, so don't let this setback keep you from accomplishing your goal. If you're trapped in the hold with no clue as to how the random assortment of items available can help you get out, here's a step-by-step guide on how to escape the hold in Return to Monkey Island.

Two pirates in a hold.

How te get out of the hold

The hold is a small space, but with plenty of things to look at and use. Even so, escaping this room isn't easy. Here's how to get above deck.

Step 1: Grab the Pamphlet off of the barrel.

Guybrush looking at a pamphlet.

Step 2: Examine the Crate and take the skull.

Step 3: Exhaust the skull's dialogue about Captain Madison.

A talking skull named Murray.

Step 4: Examine the Porthole to see it is screwed shut.

Step 5: Grab your mop and swab the grease at the bottom of the ladder.

Step 6: Swap the greasy mop on the Porthole screws.

Step 7: Use your knife on all the screws to remove them.

Step 8: Swab up more grease with your mop.

Step 9: Grease up the Porthole.

Step 10: Repeat the last two steps three times.

Step 11: Return the mop where you found it.

Step 12: Squeeze through the greased-up Porthole.

Guybrush about to escape through a porthole.

Step 13: Head right and climb the ladder to the ship's deck to find the crew.

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