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Rocksteady Studios to unveil new Suicide Squad game

Rocksteady Studios has unveiled plans to launch a new video game in the Suicide Squad series.

Rocksteady will share details about the new Suicide Squad game at the DC Fandome event on August 22. Rocksteady announced the game in a cryptic tweet on Friday, August 7, with the caption “target locked.” It accompanied an image of Superman with a Suicide Squad target on his head.

Rumors about a new Suicide Squad title first surfaced when WB Games Montreal launched Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013. Players that completed the game and watched through the credits were treated to a post-credits scene that showed Amanda Waller asking Deathstroke to join the Suicide Squad. However, the franchise made no mention of a possible Suicide Squad game in the 2015 launch Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Since then, there hasn’t been much talk about an eventual Suicide Squad launch. In June, however, the rumors gained some steam after Eurogamer discovered that Rocksteady registered several domains, including and Another, called, could provide hints at what the final game will deliver, industry watchers said at the time. Eurogamer also cited sources who said Rocksteady was seriously considering naming the title Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Although Rocksteady didn’t offer any more details on Friday, the image depicting the crosshairs on Superman’s head seems to support the proposed game title’s theme.

The new Suicide Squad game may not be the only title set in the DC Comics universe unveiled at DC Fandome. Over the last few weeks, several reports have said WB Games Montreal is working on a new Batman video game set in the Arkham universe that will also debut at the show. WB Games Montreal has teased the title by tweeting and publishing to Instagram partial images of the Gotham City Police Department crest. Each of the published social media posts come with the caption “Capture the knight.”

It’s unclear when the DC titles will launch. However, with the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming this holiday season, there’s a good chance that they’ll be available on next-generation hardware. Whether the games will be available on current-generation consoles, however, is unknown.

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It very much looks like a spiritual successor to Home Circuit, but uses the popular toy car brand instead of Mario Kart characters and items. However, it's not on Nintendo Switch; Rift Rally will only be available for iOS, PlayStation 4, and PS5. Rift Rally comes with a Chameleon RC car that can transform into over 140 different Hot Wheels vehicles in-game, as well as four Rift Gates that players can use to set up the boundaries of a racetrack.

From there, players can participate in various races and challenges, with the RC car moving around in the real world as flashier-looking gameplay takes place on the player's screen. Rift Rally looks like it improves upon the formula Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit established, though. There is more challenge variation -- we saw gameplay footage of one challenge where players had to clear as many flower petals from a track as possible, and Stunt Mode allows players to just drive and perform tricks around their home without the need for the Rift Gates. 
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