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Upcoming Batman, Suicide Squad games possibly leaked by domain registrations

The title of the next Batman game may have been leaked by website domain registrations, alongside possible confirmation that a Suicide Squad game is in the works.

The registrations, which were filed earlier this month and spotted by ResetEra’s DriftingOrbit, apparently point to Gotham Knights as the next Batman game. Also discovered were registrations for a Suicide Squad game and a project titled Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

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Boosting the legitimacy of the titles is that the domains were filed by MarkMonitor, which also manages the registration for WB Games’ website.

Batman: Gotham Knights was a comic book series that ran from 2000 to 2006, featuring Batman and his extended family that includes Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Catwoman, and Alfred. A game with the same title will likely bring these characters into a more prominent role compared with the Batman: Arkham games. Gotham Knights is rumored to be in the works at WB Games Montreal, which was behind the prequel Batman: Arkham Origins.

Suicide Squad, meanwhile, is rumored to be the next project of Rocksteady, the studio behind the Batman: Arkham trilogy.

DC Fandome on August 22

The hints at the upcoming Batman and Suicide Squad games support the announcement that WB Games has something planned for DC FanDome, a free virtual event on August 22. The new titles may be revealed at the event, but without official confirmation so far, players will have to wait.

DC FanDome will also feature film, TV, and comic announcements, and will feature the cast and creators behind The Batman and The Justice League‘s Snyder Cut, among many others.

Digital Trends has reached out to DC to confirm whether WB Games will announce new titles at the virtual event. We will update this article as soon as we hear back.

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