Rogue Legacy sequel replaces retro graphics with hand-drawn visuals

Independent video game studio Cellar Door Games revealed that the sequel to Metroidvania platformer Rogue Legacy is in the works, with upgrades that include replacing the pixel art style of the first game with a hand-drawn look.

Cellar Door Games’ initial announcement of Rogue Legacy 2 was posted on the studio’s official Twitter account on April 1, so it was unclear at the time if it was nothing more than a prank for April Fools’ Day.

The studio, however, followed through with the announcement the following day, confirming Rogue Legacy 2.

Cellar Door Games also revealed some screenshots, including the heir select screen. This confirms the return of the mechanic that helped make the original Rogue Legacy a popular title.

In Rogue Legacy, players take control of a knight who wants to conquer a procedurally generated castle filled to the brim with monsters. However, each time the player’s character dies, that particular character is gone for good, but replaced by the player’s choice among three heirs with different traits.

In Rogue Legacy 2, according to the screenshots, it appears that players will be able to re-roll heirs, though it is unclear if that option comes at a cost.

One of the standout differences with the sequel is the graphics, as confirmed by artist Glauber Kotaki, who also worked on the first Rogue Legacy, in response to a tweet by Cellar Door Games of concept art that includes in-game environment, characters, and the heir select screen.

Cellar Door Games also confirmed that Judson Cowan and A Shell in the Pit will be back to create the soundtrack for Rogue Legacy 2, with a 90-second clip of a song attached to provide a preview of the sounds of the sequel.

Rogue Legacy tests players’ limits, and Rogue Legacy 2 is expected to do the same. Cellar Door Games, however, has not revealed a release date for the sequel, and on which platforms it will roll out.

Rogue Legacy was first released for the PC in June 2013, followed by Linux and Mac in October that year. The game was then rolled out on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in July 2014. The Xbox One followed in May 2015, the Nintendo Switch in November 2018, and iOS in August 2019.

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